Mevlevi Sema Ceremony


Mevlevi Sema Ceremony

Sema; It is defined as a mystical ceremony that symbolizes the stages of the way to Allah, has religious elements and themes, and has detailed rules and qualities in that state.

The Sema ceremony will be performed with Mevlevi music, which comes from tradition in places where the Mevlevi culture can be accurately conveyed. The ceremony consists of naat, ney taksim, peshrev, devr-i veledi and four greetings, which contain different mystical meanings in harmony with each other. After the salamic sections, the moon is finished with prayer.

Mevlanas works written in Persian are the main sources of the compositions that were performed during the ceremony. The Semazenians performing the ceremony prepare for the ceremony after a long spiritual and physical training time. Mevlevi Sema The ceremony has attracted the attention of many people who have different cultures and beliefs, thanks to the mystical objects and messages they have contained, and has gained a universal character.